CAVC, Vila do Conde Agricultural Cooperative – is an innovative and dynamic cooperative from the north region of Portugal, whose main objective is to carry out operations concerning the nature of products from the associated dairy farms and the provision of various services, carried out in each of the sections of its structure, contributing to meeting the economic, social and cultural needs of its associated farmers.

It has a multidisciplinary team with expertise in Zootechnical Engineering, Animal Nutrition, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, as well as relevant experience in the manufacture of compound feed, formulation of feed for cattle, technical and economic management of livestock, quality control of livestock and milk, quality management and food safety.

Working intensively in the area of ​​animal nutrition, veterinary and livestock, cattle and dairy farms, CAVC has recognized the need to research and develop new approaches to mycotoxin control in feed and intends with the Agritox project to complement competencies and knowledge that it possesses, with those of the other copromotors to produce tools that expedite the methods of detection, control and resolution of this scourge.

Project role

In accordance with its background, expertise and competencies, CAVC has an active role in sending feed samples for cattle feed and finished products samples, such as milk and meat. Furthermore, CAVC together with the other players, will have an important role in inputting and validating outputs from the dairy sector for risk analysis development. It will also play a major role in the dissemination of information in the northern region of Portugal as well as in the Portuguese dairy sector, as it is a reference cooperative at national level.

Partner contact:

Ana Gomes

Isabel Ramos