Project meetings

The USC hosted the kick-off meeting of AGRITOX that took place in Lugo (NW Spain) on 26th of April 2019.

Agritox 1st technical coordination and monitoring committee meeting QUB, Belfast, United Kingdom  on 24th October 2019.[Meeting Report].

The 2nd technical coordination and meeting held at the Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin 15, Ireland on the 5th of March 2020.

General Assembly Meeting, Online Event,   19th November 2020.


Stakeholder Events

19th June 2019

The USC has participated in a seminar organized in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Santiago de Compostela (NW Spain) . Agritox project has been presented in this event to the FAN-BEST project consortium and other stakeholders from business and academy sectors.

19th September 2019

The USC held a meeting in Sada (NW Spain) with companies from the food and feed manufacturing sector. The presence of mycotoxin in food and feed was addressed, and the methods currently available to minimize their impact on humans and animals were discussed.

3rd December 2019
QUB meet with Dr Ramon Muns, Higher Scientific Officer, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Hillsborough. Discussed trials on mycotoxin mitigation.

20th January 2020
QUB visit to Agrifood and Biosciences Institute in Belfast to discuss logistics of animal trial on mycotoxin mitigation.

14th of February 2020
Teagasc, Ireland held teleconference with Food and Drink Ireland to discuss Mycotoxins in Cereals and Agritox project.

4th of February 2020
Teagasc, Ireland, hold two teleconference calls with oats stakeholders to discuss Mycotoxins in Cereals and Agritox project.

14th of April 2020
Teagasc meet with Irish Breakfast Cereal Association Meeting at Teagasc Oak Park, Ireland


Conferences meetings

September 1-5, 2019

The USC has participated in the XVI MaNaPro & XI ECMNP joint meeting, that was held in Peniche, Portugal. The project was presented among the attendees to this international conference.



Joint Agritox and FOOD FORTRESS Workshop was held in Belfast on 24th October 2019.

22nd and Thursday 23rd January 2020

R-Biopharm Rhône Ltd held workshop in the Institute for Global Food Security, School of Biological Sciences. The workshop focussed on the use Immunoaffinity columns (IAC), specifically their 11+ Myco MS-PREP® IAC.

5th of March 2020.

Agritox workshop held Workshop on Mycotoxins in Silages and Oats at the Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin 15, Ireland

24th October 2019
The USC has attended to the kick-off seminar on the FOOD FORTRESS programme that was held in Belfast.

11-12th May 2021

Online Event. Threats to our Food System: The impact of climate change and legislative changes on the control of mycotoxins and antimicrobial agents, QUB, May 11, 2021 – May 12, 2021. [Link].

25th May 2021

National online workshop in the framework of Agritox regarding mycotoxins in food and drinks next 25th may.

1st June 2021

Online international workshop “Mycotoxins in food and feed“, from 14:00 16:00, Lisbon Time.